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The Cambiare ©LLC has joined forces with cellist Tina Guo to bring you a new line of electric cellos, The Cambiare© Guo.  Tina Guo is a pioneer of electric cello in addition to an accomplished classical soloist, who's unique playing style and sound has placed her at the cutting edge of progressive cello playing. 

Tina’s work on the electric cello is featured in major motion films such as Sherlock Holmes, Inception, and Iron Man 2.  Tina is also the electric cellist in the Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson "The Immortal" an international all arena world tour.

Tina has pushed the boundaries of electric cello playing by using guitar amplifiers and multiple effects pedals, and has created a shredding style comparable to that of a lead guitarist rather than a traditional string player used as background in the rock world.  This unique playing style has created the need for a more versatile and advanced instrument. 

Thus, Tina sought an instrument that stands out in unique qualities of functionality,
rich tone production, retention of sound quality when played through multiple effects processors, as well as a more extreme visual appeal matching her style.  The Cambiare© Guo electric cello was the very product of that search.   

The Cambiare© Guo electric cello is based on the platform of  The Cambiare©  electric cellos, with all of its unique features including a high-end multi transducer pickup bridge, carbon fiber end-pin, as well as interchangeable “wings”. 

Some of the functional elements of The Cambiare© Guo electric cello include an extra-long end-pin that was designed around Tina's unique standing playing position. In addition, the physical "metal" wings shape of The Cambiare© Guo were inspired by and designed together with Tina. 

The Cambiare© Guo electric cello is now available in a wide array of options and colors, including many customization options.


                 Watch Tina playing The Cambiare© Guo cello in her music video:
                                                       FORBIDDEN CITY

                                          from her latest album "The Journey"


                      Watch Tina  performing live with  The Cambiare© Guo cello
                                                     on the ELLEN TV show


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